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November 1, 2019

Dear Friends and well-wishers: 

Namaste. We are concluding festivities for the year and as we celebrate Annakoot it is also the beginning of a new chapter. Our volunteers and donors have once again come through on each occasion to support, contribute and keep us focused on our mission. 

The year has been very productive and eventful. Pundit Kamlesh Vyasji and his family joined us in January and his dedication and devotion to the temple and the congregation has been very remarkable. We have received positive feedback, and this has been very gratifying. Please do let us know if there is any suggestion or comment that you may like considered in his evaluation at the end of this year. 

The temple celebrated many events this year with gaiety and pomp and these were enjoyed by the congregation. Varshikotsav, Ramnavami, Ganeshotsav were especially joyous. Navaratri celebrations and Diwali event were also a lot of fun. It was very good to see over sixty couples participate in the Pooja organized by Punditji at Diwali. 

From a financial standpoint we have done well this year and the annual summary will be presented at the meeting. We also renewed our mortgage in the summer at the prevailing rate of interest now under 4 %. Our total Principal outstanding (430K) has declined with the support and contributions to the Bhavan 2020 fund.  We have received $140 K in contributions to date and we have a pledge of $30K. Our goal is to retire our mortgage at or around the tenth anniversary coming up in May 2020. It is our fervent hope that each of you will not only support the temple for daily operations but contribute to the 2020 fund to help retire the mortgage. This will go a long way in making the temple a viable entity for the future. 

The temple is open daily each morning and evening, except on Thursday (evening only). Punditji welcomes your presence and should you need a service performed at home, please feel free to reach him on his cell phone. (224 85 8310). Monthly schedule for the temple is posted on the website “Hindubhavan.org”. Contributions can be sent to Hindu Bhavan, PO Box 87255, Fayetteville, NC 28304. 

The temple has become a focal point of our community. This is truly wonderful because it offers us the opportunity to share thoughts, meditate, perform yoga or just pray together or just as we choose. Our youth group meets there every other Sunday during the school year. The Sunday school continues to render teaching of our scriptures to the younger children. Please feel free to support and reach out if you wish to enroll your children.

An important message is that you cannot impart an education unless you (as a parent) are willing to practice and impart it at home. 

It is also time to elect new leadership and we will have some changes to the slate of officers and members on the list for Trustees and Directors at the annual meeting scheduled on Nov 2, 2019.Dr Divyang Patel has agreed to become the President of Board of Directors and Mrs Vidhya Hegde as the Vice President.

We want to especially thank Mr Harkisan Bhai Dhandha for his service since inception of Hindu Bhavan. He will continue to serve on Buildings and Grounds and Religious committee. We want to welcome Mr  Arunesh Kaushish back on the Board of Directors after a hiatus of several years. He will chair the Buildings and Grounds committee.

The Chairs of each existing committee will be recognized at the meeting. Dr Vinita Gupta and the Sunday school teachers continue to serve in their roles and provide a nurturing educational environment for the children. Mrs Kamlesh Tandon conducts Yoga classes each week on Monday and Wednesday. The Cultural committee chaired by Dr Sumedha Dalvi has done a superb job hosting enjoyable events. Thanks to Mrs Sujita Naik , we keep getting Mahaparasad at most temple events. 

In closing, we want to say a huge thank you for our ever willing and present volunteer group that continues to serve the temple. They are often the folks working behind the scenes for us to all have a good time at the temple. Please stop to say hello and should you have an opportunity, please sign up by calling either Anup Contractor or Natarajan Raman. Please strive to avoid littering and please keep the temple clean. We ask for volunteers to set up and take down after each big event at the temple.

Pundit Vyasji has asked us to remind each devotee that he is available to do special Pooja for an individual’s birthday, anniversary or any special event. You can call him to make an appointment. 

Please continue to attend services, offer advice as appropriate and provide suggestions to make our community better.  

“Put you heart, mind and soul into even your smallest acts. This is the secret of success.”

Swami Sivananda 

Jai Sri Krishna

Respectfully submitted 

Hindu Bhavan Board of Directors and Trustees

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Diamond Donors $ 250,000 and above

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