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June 10, 2019


Dear Friends, supporters and members of Hindu Bhavan




This newsletter brings many thanks and greetings from the Hindu Bhavan Trustees and Board of Directors. We had a wonderful Varshikotsav celebration last month which marked our ninth anniversary. It was a wonderful gathering with Pujas, Homams and culminated with Kalyanotsav that was truly joyous and many thanks to Minesh and Bina (designated couple sitting in) and the congregation for their enthusiastic participation.


The community came together again to participate and celebrate, and it was a real joy to see so many families on the grounds. So many of you contributed in different ways, building, preparing, serving, volunteering, and donating in small and big amounts to make it a grand event.


Pundit Kamlesh Vyas Ji and his wife Hetal have settled in after their move from Chicago in January. Pundit Ji has put in significant effort to improve our daily service with Bhajans, Pravachans and he is available as needed to the congregation for services at home. His wife Hetal is a frequent presence at the temple volunteering.


During the Varshikotsav event Dr Bakri briefly discussed the current remaining mortgage for our temple. We have about $540 K remaining balance (original amount $1.2 Million). He voiced that we are coming up on our tenth anniversary next year to be celebrated with even more gaiety and pomp. He suggested that we embark on a capital campaign to retire the entire loan by the next year. We would name this as 2020 fund. Many of you expressed support in person. Any family can contribute to this fund in any amount. We are seeking donations 10 K – 30 K or more that will be a one-time contribution to be recognized on a separate donor board. Please understand that if we can accomplish this goal, it will go a long way in making the existence of this temple into the future a certainty. The debt service is our biggest monthly expense and retiring the loan is a very big priority. We currently pay about $ 20000/- per year in interest cost alone. Nothing is impossible and with your support it can happen.

At least ten families have expressed an initial support at the 30 K level. All these donations are tax deductible and even under the current tax laws when done in lumpsum in a given year can be deducted fully (if the threshold is met) when you itemize your deductions. The final determination is only to be made in consultation with your CPA (Hindu Bhavan and its directors are not tax advisors). Please contact Dr Bakri or Dr Gupta to discuss this issue and we look forward to a conversation.


In the interim, The Board of Trustees and Directors again express their gratitude and thanks to all of you for your support, small or big, in cash or kind and most of all to the volunteers that serve the temple.


We look forward to seeing you at the temple, please make note of the services through the web site “Hindu Bhavan.org”. Priest Kamlesh Vyas Ji can be reached via his cell phone 224 875 8310 to schedule a Puja at home or at the temple. The temple charges are paid via check made out to the Hindu Bhavan and a Tariff is posted at the temple and on the website. Dakshina to Pundit Ji is paid directly to him by the devotee. The list of charges is also included with this letter (encl).

The temple is open 9am – 12 noon and 4.30 – 7.30 pm Weekdays, Sunday 9.30 am – 12.30 pm and 4.30 – 4.70 pm. Closed Thursday am, Sai Bhajans followed by regular Aarti Thursday 5-7 pm.


In closing, we wish you a safe and Happy summer and we look forward to hearing from you.



Trustees and Directors

Hindu Bhavan

PO Box 87255



Donor Categories

General Donors $ 1000 - $ 4999
Bronze Donors $ 5000 - $ 9999
Pearl Donors $ 10000 - $ 19999
Silver Donors $ 20000 - $ 50000
Gold Donors $ 50000 - $ 150,000
Platinum Donors $ 150,000 - $ 250,000
Diamond Donors $ 250,000 and above

Contact Number
Rakesh Gupta 910-977-2995
Raju Shah 910-578-8039
Kamal Bakri 910-484-8956
Kalpana Krishna 910-670-5596
Mrs.Sharmila Ganesan 910-818-5108
Mrs.Vinita Gupta 910-527-4961
Mrs.Koki Patel 910-489-8638
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